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Friday, July 24, 2015

Kyoryu Grey / Power Rangers Dino Charge
Graphite Ranger Action Hero Figure (2015)

I bought this because I love Tessai and I had faith that Bandai of America would deliver the rest of the Spirit Trio, who I adore beyond all comprehension. That's probably why I didn't pay attention for shit when watching reviews of this figure. I was too damn excited. The musculature is well within my tolerance limits, but there are no bicep swivels or thigh swivels. I can live without balancing him on his zyudenchi, but I'm not pleased about having to live with him not being able to put his hands behind his back. I'm all about vinyl figures, but when Tessai is at rest, his hands are almost universally behind his back.

Prince Phillip does this in the new footage, as well, so I am justified in holding it against this figure. I won't be THAT punitive, though. Dino Charge has done too much right. Dino Charge specifically. Dino Super Charge on the other hand...

3½ For This Prince Phillip Cat, 0 For This Neg Asshole out of 5


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