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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Kyoryu Violet / Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Purple Ranger Action Hero Figure (2015)

Because changes were made to Kyoryuger as it was airing, there were only Sofubi Hero Vinyls of Ramirez (Cyan), Tessai (Grey), and Dr. Ulshade (the original Violet) available. Yayoi did appear in the Ranger Key set and the HG EX statue set and OF COURSE I'm pleased that she was part of the premium items as opposed to it being the other way around but I still wished and prayed that she would get a retail representation. Bandai of America delivered what BoJ would not, making the Spirit Trio and Silver.

Is this a perfect figure? Does it look or pose as well as a Figuart would? No, of course not. But, sometimes in this world there are things we have to be ecstatic over simply because they exist at all.

Her signature weapon is available in the second Charged Up Action Pack. Yes, she can hold it!

5 Lordly Ladies A-Leaping out of 5

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